Charging into a green future

Dear Readers,

Europe is in the process of changing, and with it many things we take for granted may not be certainties anymore in the future. Political agendas are shifting towards courses of isolation and protectionism and European unity, as the core strength of our European society, is challenged like never before.

As a European company, we support an open and free society as well as a free and open market that is void of hate, nationalism and backwards development. That being said, we at SeaWalk Mobility AS will do our best to do our part to contribute to that ideal, as we have done in the past. As part of the cruise industry, our international team of professionals is there for taking on the challenge to induce a strongly needed change into that said industry: emission free transportation. Climate change, as a result of globalization and the growth of life standards worldwide, may be the biggest hurdle that our species ever had to take in its existence. As a company based in Norway, SWM already has a head start when it comes to green initiatives. Norway has a high number of electric vehicles and is developing more and more ways to make both sea and air travel emission free as soon as possible. It also draws a lot of its power from clean sources such as water and wind. It is however still a long way to go towards an emission free world and we therefore want to lead the charge into such a green future in the tourism industry.

Our electric minibus EB80 is only the first of many steps towards clean inner cities with less CO2 and noise pollution. Our goal is to be 100% electric on all our tours in Norway by the year 2025. Following in EB80s footsteps is the development of a green fleet of electric tour coaches that will not only supply Norway but cruise destination throughout the world. Our clients, some of the biggest cruise companies worldwide, share our desire to be part of this much needed development towards green tourism and are closely attentive and supportive towards that goal.

Leading by example, we will not cease to strife towards emission free shore excursions and by that hopefully inspire many more parts of the industry into joining us in our efforts!