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Boreal registers their first EB400 in Stavanger

Boreal celebrates the registration of their first EB400 100% electric tour bus from SeaWalk Mobility!

The brand new tour bus will be on the road in Stavanger, Norway.

“At Boreal, we think ahead […] it is important to use new technology to maintain the momentum in the transition to a low-emission society. In the long run, the goal is for all our tour buses to be electric”

“The electric drivetrain provides a journey with good safety and low noise levels. The passengers sit high with a good view”

“The bus has an LFP battery that provides reliable operation over many years, and at the same time is a good choice in terms of the sustainable use of materials. The bus has a charging plug both in the front and at the back, which means that it can charge at most public charging stations”

Read the full press release from Boreal here

Boreal is a leading group in mobility, and operates public transport by bus, boat and rail. The head office is in Stavanger, and Boreal has 2,700 employees.